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Tibor Lakati - English-Russian-Hungarian interpreter-translator

Tibor Lakati - English-Russian-Hungarian interpreter-translator
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Tibor Lakati - English-Russian-Hungarian interpreter-translator

Translator's datasheet - Tibor Lakati - interpreter-translator


The range of my activities includes translation into English, Hungarian and Russian languages, and from these languages into Hungarian, consecutive interpreting in Hungarian and Russian languages, as well as simultaneous translation into Hungarian and Russian languages.

I have tens of years of experience in translation and interpretation, work at high qualitative level quickly, accurately and reliably.

I worked for various departments and ministries, translating correspondence, other written materials, and as interpreters accompany foreign delegations coming to us, as well as the Hungarian delegation traveling abroad.

Prices, as compared with those of other similar organizations and companies, are quite moderate, for which the customer receives correct and proven service.

I have made many thousands of pages of translation in specialties such as the overall political, military, technical, communications and telecommunications, information technology, business, trade, taxation, law, research, development, aviation, spatial development, civil defense etc.

I have adequate expertise in information technology to carry out a comprehensive translation of web pages to the above-mentioned languages. My information and technical support fully meets the modern requirements of the present time, the translated website directly can be uploaded to the server and used for their primary purposes.

In the event of a demand for oral or written translation, editing text or translation of web pages, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Name: Tibor Lakati



Mobile: +36202554780


E-mail: tlakati at gmx dot com

Website: http://www.angoloroszfordito.hu/en/index.php

Address: 4 Matkó, Helvécia-6034, Hungary

Mother tongue : Hungarian

Education: military technical engineer, university degree

Occupation: Russsian-Hungarian interpreter-translator, English-Hungarian translator

Language skills

Language certificates

Year of issue


University diploma (USSR)



High level certificate grade "C" (general + military);

NATO STANAG 6001 (3333)


Language for translation/proofing:

from Russian into Hungarian, from Hungarian into Russian, from English into Hungarian

Language for interpreting :

between Russian and Hungarian

Professional experience: 21 year

Invoice capability : Yes

Time spent on language territory: Russian: 6 years; English: 3 years

Countries of experiences : Russia, Mozambique (UN), Caucasus (OSCE), Kosovo (UN, KFOR)

Fields of proficiency:

military, technical, engineering, communications, general politics, information technology, business, commercial, law, etc.

Accupancy: full time

Taking urgent order: yes

List of jobs done (without stressing on completeness):


- "Tanks - Over 250 of the World's tanks and...", Chris Chant

- Training pilots;

- technical and other doctrines;


- NATO Review;

- Deployment of NATO forces;

- networking and data collecting systems;

- Access 2000 Software Manual ;

- Spiderbeam high performance antennas;

- Russian tax law;

- Service Law of Slovakian Armed Forces;

- Hungarian Law for Public Procurement;

- etc.


- 26 years in almost every organisation of the Hungarian Defence Forces;

- talks of high level leaders of HDF in Hungary and abroad;

- exercises, demonstrations, trainings, conferences;

- international conferences held by the Hungarian Police HQ;

- etc.








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